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1: Most people have dreams, how can you tell between inspired dreams and normal dreams? What had Lehi done for the Lord to call him blessed?

2: The Lord uniquely commands Lehi to leave in order to keep him and his family safe; has the Lord given you any unique commandments that have kept you safe? If so what are they? How would Lehi have felt to leave a city and head I to the wilderness?

3: What did it cost Lehi to be obedient? What were the kings he gave up to be obedient? How did he tell his family they were leaving? What did Lehi gain from being obedient?

4: What does the Lord as us to give up to be obedient? Many things Lehi gave up were not sinful or bad; it’s it easier or harder to give up un-harmful things when the Lord asks? Why or why not? In what circumstances today does the Lord as us to leave our belongings and comfort to go into the wilderness?

5: Nephi takes the time to describe their course; why is this important to him? How did Lehi and his family know where in the wilderness they should go? What type of environment and typography would they have traveled on this course?

6-7: Why did Lehi use the example of something emptying? What is the significance of a river that Lehi wanted to highlight?

8-10: What are the benefits of using real life physical objects to teach spiritual principles? As a parent is there ever a bad time to admonish your children? Are their times they are more receptive than others? If so how can you tell?

11 – Nephi describes his brother’s perspective on leaving Jerusalem, how is it different than his own? Laman and Lemuel conclude they are in the wilderness to die, Nephi sees they are in the wilderness to get to a promised land; how do these conclusions change their prospective a of their current situation? How can your view on current events be influenced in your perspective of you view of the future?

12 – What are the dealing of God? Why is important to understand what the dealings of God are coupled with the knowledge that He created you? How does understanding God’s dealings change how we see the immediate trials we face?

13 – Laman and Lemuel didn’t believe prophets, this is purslane, why is that significan? Why does evil always want to kill a source of truth? How does killing truth preserve evil? Are there other ways truth use killed that doesn’t involve murder?

14 – Lehi speech je with power because he was filled with the Spirit, how is the Spirit powerful? What abilities can the Spirit give to someone who is full with it? What does confound mean? How can the Spirit confound someone?

15 – Lehi left all of his possessions and has travel in the wilderness with nothing but his family and provisions, he then is filled with the Spirit giving him power, how does this contrast with dwelling in a tent? Was Lehi’s power diriges from a source of material greatness? Was it from worldly recognition and standing?

16 – Why did the Lord visit Nephi but not his brothers? What did Nephi do as a result of his visitation that shows he had real intent?

18 – How is Nephi like his father Lehi when he sees his brothers will not believe? What cause the converted to care for the welfare of those around them?

19 – Can you be diligent and still be lowly in heart? How is lowly in heart different than doubting yourself? How can you be lowly in heart but no too hard on yourself?

20 – How do commandments help you prosper? Aside from delayed blessing what are some immediate blessings that come from commandments? What type of promise land is the Lord leading you to?

21 – What does it mean to be cut off from the presences of the Lord? Why does sin cut us off from the Lord? If we sin how can we return to the Lord’s presence?

22 – Why is it important for the Lord to appoint a ruler over the family? Why should a ruler also be a teacher? Why is it important that a ruler also be a commandment keeper?

23 – The Lord speak with certainty about a day when Nephi’s brothers will rebel, what is his promise to Nephi? How has the Lord promised to protect us? Why is righteousness a prerequisite to being protected and be given power? What is it about keeping the commandments that empowers you? The Lord asure Nephi that if his brothers rebel that they would also be reveling against the Lord; does the Lord pick sides? How do we shift to be on the Lord’s side?

24 – How is the Lord going to use the rebellion of Nephi’s brothers to help Nephi’s people remember the Lord? Can the Lord take horrible circumstances like rebellions and still accomplish His will?