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I'm BJ Griffin.

I am an expert of graphic design, web design, video and audio editing, print design, curriculum development, marketing, social media strategy, political strategy, consultant, messaging, and about anything else you need.


What I Do

Multimedia Design

I have had the opportunity to work in a vast variety of media, software, and platforms. Because of this I am more than a designer.

Graphic Design & Branding

From logos, static traditional design expo exhibits I have designed it all.

Print Design

Print is a passion because it requires more detail and forethought. I have printed traditional design such as mailer and handouts to car wraps and billboards.

Website Design

Web design is a misunderstood art. When you design a website with the end user and qualitative objectives you can produce something beautiful and practical. This is my method of designing websites.

Video & Audio

Whether it’s Aftereffects or Premier, Adobe Animate, or even Adobe Character Animate motion graphics and editing are supremely effective way of telling a store, convincing an audience, or even conveying complexed ideas. I love video and audio work.

Content Strategy

I have experience with both political and traditional marketing since 2008. I am trained from both higher ed and on the job.

Social Media Strategy

Originally developed in 2008 and refined over time my effective social media strategy is tested and proven to maximize your influence and reduces your CPI.

Targeted Ad Creation

Identifying and defining your audience should be your starting point and not random information you tag when marketing online. Whether you are trying to sell a product or yourself; knowing who your audience is and tailoring your message to your audience the key to my targeted designs.

Presentation Strategy

Presentations must be both esthetically pleasing and logically sound, but if your audience does not retain the information, you’ve shared then how effective was your presentation. Using principles of curriculum development, I help you construct your message to objectively increase information retention of your audience.

User Information Retention

Most people mistake any pitch, ad, website, political policy, or even catch website and user information retention as unrelated but if your users, audience, patrons, or voters do not objectively retain the information you present you give them they are statistically 79% less likely to follow your call to action. I help you increase your user’s information retention.

My Process


I start by identifying the audience and defining our objectives. You must start with the end in mind. 


Design does not have to be a time-consuming process. I have built a reputation to create high quality designs in a fraction of the time.



A design should be inspired and inspire new ideas. It is important to take a moment to make a better design or adjust your messaging to refine the overall product


No job is complete until the end product meets the client/user’s expectations. It is a process, it’s your baby. The job ends when you are as proud as the design as you are of your kids.  

Featured Work


Branding and Logo Design

Branding is personal. It reflects you, your company, and your values. It should also be appealing to your audience. We can work together to ensure your brand is fine-tuned so it can last a lifetime.

Ad Development

Data-Driven Social Media

Social media should be a social experience. Data-driven design should involve interaction. You can bulldoze your way through paid engagements but you can increase your reach with a balance of paid ads and organic growth with a data-driven social media strategy.

Print Design

Audience Driven Print

Blasting out enormous quantities of printed material is great for my business BUT it is as effective as taping up a missing cat poster in downtown Salt Lake City. I can help you identify the correct audience for your message and reduce waste with effective print advertising and save you money.

Ready to Make Your Idea Come to Life?

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About Me

Hello! I’m BJ Griffin.

I am married to the best woman ever. We have 8 kids (I said I was good at messaging). here are my skills:

  • Graphic Design
  • Animated & Motion Graphics
  • Web Design
  • Messaging
  • Political Strategy
  • Presentation & Proposal Strategy

Years of Experience

Design Projects

Millions of Engagements


  • Sr. Designer II & Strategist
  • Design Team Manager
  • Executive Director
  • Instructional Designer
  • Training Specialist
  • Director of Admissions


  • Bachelors or Science in Web Design and Interacttive Media – The Art Institute of Pittsburg
  • PhD in Life – School of Hard Knocks


  • Bilingual – Spanish & English
  • Served a two year mission in Spain
  • Eagle Scout
  • 98% political campaign win record
  • 3 time Black Friday survivor

“BJ Griffin is one of the brightest messaging strategist that I have met. I alway consult with BJ before any new launch”

Nick Snyder

“A great designer! Hands down the best photoshoper I have ever worked with. You need something done and he can do it.”

Timmy Johnson

“I was up against a hard deadline and BJ was able to deliver high quality designs quickly. He’s totes amazing”

Meagan Kipler