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I started this blog because it seemed like a simply solution to collect my thoughts about how to better learn from the Book of Mormon.

I am not a great writer but this is one of the reasons why I want to write more.

When I hear someone expound scripture I often find myself asking “How would they even know to think about something in that way” or “How did they even realize what they have.” I have concluded that when I hear someone speak with clarity and understanding about the scriptures it is because they have spent time pondering. I do not alway realize what I am supposed to be pondering so I intend to keep this journal of thought provoking questions to help me ponder on the meaning, reason, and wisdom of the scriptures. There will not be answers given to the questions here because that defeats my purpose. I want the Spirit to guide me in my attempt to ponder.

I need the Spirits guidance in my life and I want my kids to better appreciate the scriptures. Maybe one day I will share this journal with them and they will be able to see what feasting on the word can do to improve the happiness, peace, and understanding in life.