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  • BJ Griffin was born in California, lived in Spain for two years, followed by seven years in Arizona and has lived in Bountiful Utah for the last six years. Married to the beautiful and intellegent Ema Griffin and together they have four children.

  • BJ Griffin Graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a bachelor’s degree of Science in Web Design and Interactive Media.

  • BJ Griffin has had m 10+ years professional experience in all things design, sales, marketing, public relations, and management.

  • BJ Griffin is a messaging wizzard. As the Director of Multimedia and Advertising he helped elect the first Republican County Attorney in the history of Pinal County, AZ. Following that success took a candidate from zero name recognition to Chairman of the Utah Republican Party in 3 months.

  • BJ Griffin is currently the Executive Director of the Utah Republican Party.

  • BJ Griffin has worked at Dream Center Education holdings (formerly EDMC) for the last 10 years as an Instructional Designer and Multimedia Designer.

All The Things

Web & Graphic Design

In the vast expanse of the internet and print media help your organization to stand out and not be washed out.

Social Media Solutions

Social Media is always changing. Do you find it hard to manage all your accounts and post meaningful interactions with your customers?

Promotion & Presentation

Take the time to professionally prepare your presentation to maximize its impact! This goes for new products and revitalizing existing services.

Markting Strategy

"Know thy self" is great socraites but knowing your audience and customizing your messaging is better. BJ Griffin inc. Can do that.

Portfolio Sample

Your design begins with the end in mind

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but who are your beholders? BJ Griffin Inc. will help you determine the best way to connect with your patrons.

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